How do you label Diagram

March 7, 2017, 8:21 pm

How do you label Diagram

How do you label Diagram?

How do you label Diagram

1 Don’t panic.

2 Don’t worry if you don’t understand the diagram. Focus on the words in the diagram rather than the pictures.

3 Spend three seconds looking at the direction the questions go in. Where is the first question where is the second? Are they going across the diagram, down the diagram, around it clockwise, or in some other order?

4 Take notes during the recording in the margin of your Listening booklet so that if you guess, you have words to choose from. Answers must come from the recording, not your head.

5 Listen for prompts – phrases that get a listener ready for what’s coming next. Things like ‘In the diagram, you can see’ or ‘In the top right-hand corner, you’ll notice’ are prompts.  

6 Listen for sequencing language like: ‘The first thing that happens is’ or ‘then’, after that’, or ‘finally’. Be completely familiar with pronouns and what they refer back to.

7 Listen for language in the recording that describes processes (usually the passive) or functions (the passive, or ‘used for’ gerund).

8 Nouns, past participles, and numbers are the most likely missing items. Make sure your grammar is the same as that which is used. 

9 Guess intelligently. This may mean the difference between a Six and a 6.5.