How do you answer IELTS sentence completion questions

March 7, 2017, 8:21 pm

How do you answer sentence completion questions

How do you answer IELTS sentence completion questions?

IELTS  sentence  completion questions

1 Check how many words are needed in your answers. If the answer asks for two, don’t
write three. If it asks for a number, there has to be a number in one of your answers.

2 As with EVERY question in the Listening test, mark key words. Underlining is the fastest. Circling negatives is useful.

3 The language around your answer is a paraphrase or contains synonyms of what you hear in the recording. Your answer, however, is a word or words that you hear. Beware of phrases in the recording that sound exactly the same as the language around your answer. They probably refer to something else.

4 Take notes during the recording in the margin of your Listening booklet so that if you guess, you have words to choose from. Answers must come from the recording, not your head.

5 Spelling and grammar count, so check these in your transfer time.